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Magnetorheological Shock Absorber and Its Applications in Semiactively Controlled System(PDF)


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Magnetorheological Shock Absorber and Its Applications in Semiactively Controlled System
WANG JiongHUANG Wen liang
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
magnetorheolog ical shock absorber semiactive cont rol vibration isolat ion
This paper takes suspension system as an ex ample to evaluate the v ibration isolation characterist ics of the semiact ively cont rolled system w hich adopts magnetorheolog ical shock absorber. Compared w ith the convent ional passive dampers, the semiact ive dampers are able to isolate at lower f requencies, and they also do not add any energy to the system. The result s show that for suff icient ly large damping rat io, semiactive dampers are able to provide isolat ion at all frequencies and mag netorheological shock absorber is a promising controllable vibration isolation unit .


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