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Study on Purification of Toluene Waste Gas withBiotrickling Filter(PDF)


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Study on Purification of Toluene Waste Gas withBiotrickling Filter
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094,China
biot rickling filter volatile organic compound toluene biodegradat ion
Toluene removal f rom gas st ream is investigated in a biotrickling f ilter. The packing of the f ilter is the blast-furnace slag . T he bacterium that can degrade toluene w as selected and cultured and then the bacterium w as t ransferred to the filter and formed a biof ilm on the surface of the packing. The results indicate that w hen the inlet concent rat ion is low er than 11. 4 mg/ L, the capacity of toluene eliminat ion can be up to 245. 3 mg / ( L·h) and efficiency more than 97 % . If the concentration is over the value, the eliminat ion ef ficiency decreases sharply . The eliminat ion ef ficiency and the capacity of toluene elimination increase w ith the increase of the residence t ime. When the residence t ime is up to 2. 6 minutes, the capacity of toluene eliminat ion decreases sharply. The nutrient supplement is very essential to maintain the high elimination eff iciency and the longtime run of the system.


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