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Synthesis of the Long-chain Alkylmethynaphthalene(PDF)


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Synthesis of the Long-chain Alkylmethynaphthalene
ZHAO Zhong kuiQIAO Wei hongYUAN BingLI Zong shiCHENG Lu bo
State Key Laborary of Fine Chemicals,Dalian University ofTechonology,Dalian 116012 China
β-methylnaphthalene alkylat ion mono-/ d-i hex ylmethylnaphthalene g as chromatography- mass spectrometry
Mono-/ d-i hexyl methylnaphthalene could be obtained from B-methylnaphthalene (MN) and n-bromohexane ( BA) proceeding condensation cataly zed by anhydrous aluminium chloride. Gas chromatog raphy-mass spect romet ry w as used as the evaluation method for the alkylation technolog y. The influences of molar rat io of MN to BA, react ion temperature and time were studied, and the opt imal reaction condit ions w ere achieved. The optimal reaction condit ions for synthesizing mono-/ d-i hex ylmethylnaphthalene: molar rat io of 1. 5:1( 0. 8:1) for MN to BA, in the presence of 10.7 % of catalyst at 80 ℃ for 6h. By adopt ing the techno-l ogy of coinstantaneously synthesizing the two products, the opt imal react ion condit ions are molar rat io of 1:1 for MN to BA, in the presence of 10.7 % of catalyst at 80  ℃ for 5 h.


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