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A Study on Parallel Service System Architecture of RS Image Based on SVM(PDF)


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A Study on Parallel Service System Architecture of RS Image Based on SVM
WU Hong qiao 1 CHI Tian he 2 FANG Jin yun 3 HE Jian bang 2
1.Department of Data Operation of Information Center,Ministry of Land and Resources, Beijing 100812,China; 2. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101,China; 3. Institute of Computer Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080,China
mult-i source remote sensiug data parallel computer cluster service architecture so-l id index mechanism
This paper has studied service architecture of mult-i source remote sensing( RS) data’ s dist ributed service system based on SVM. First , this paper has set up a solid index mechanism of Pyramid, Block, Layer, Epoch according to the propert ies of RS data and analy zed the organizat ion and storag e of mult-i source RS data on background. Secondly, this paper has designed parallel processes aiming at the background server‘ s service funct ions. Moreover, these processes have been tested and analy zed for the improvement of parallel computer cluster performance as background server based on SVM. Also, this perofrmance improvement of the parallel PCs backg round server has been demonstrated.


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