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NURBS Surface Reconstruction in Reverse Engineering(PDF)


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NURBS Surface Reconstruction in Reverse Engineering
CI Rui meiLI Dong bo
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
reverse eng ineering non-uniform rat ional B-spline surface interpolation
A procedure is proposed that reconst ructs Non-uniform Rat ional B-Spline ( NU RBS) surface w ith features of measured data. With characteristics of measured points taken into considerat ion, topolog y information can be automatically ext racted and it simplifies previous data process. The method of NURBS surface interpolat ion is applied for reconst ruct ion. With nonuniform data points, a method of accumulat ing chord length is presented to create non-uniform knot s vector and guarantees the precision of the surface. An optimal algorithm for B-spline evaluat ion subst itutes temporary polynomial expressions for the iterat ive applicat ion and enhances the comput ing eff iciency.


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