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Multicomponent LFM Signal Detection and Parameters Estimation Based on Radon Ambiguity Transform(PDF)


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Multicomponent LFM Signal Detection and Parameters Estimation Based on Radon Ambiguity Transform
LIU Ai fangZHU Xiao huaLU Jin huiLIU Zhong
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094,China
Radon-Ambiguity transform linear frequency-modulated signal parameters est ima-t ion
Basic principle of LFM( linear frequency-modulated) signal detection and parameters est imation using Radon-Ambiguity t ransform ( RAT) w as analyzed, and the result s indicate that the init ial f requency of LFM signal can not be est imated by using the RAT direct ly. To re solve this problem, an improved scheme combining RAT w ith dechirp technique w as proposed, w hich could est imate all parameters of LFM sig nal at the cost of lit t le addit ional computation load. By applying the CLEAN technique to the improved scheme, a novel RAT-based algo rithm was presented, w hich could detect weak LFM components embedded in st rong LFM components. The computer simulat ion results prove it s effect iveness.


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