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Synthesization of Inorganic Cerium Ferrous Adsorbent and Its Adsorption of Fluoride Ion(PDF)


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Synthesization of Inorganic Cerium Ferrous Adsorbent and Its Adsorption of Fluoride Ion
JIAO Zhong-zhi 1CHEN Zhong-lin 1YANG Min 2 ZHANG Yu 2LI Gui-bai 1
1. School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090, China;2. Research Center for Eco-environmental Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100085,China
fluoride inorganic adsorbent adsorpt ion surface charge
An inorganic cerium based adsorbent was developed on the basis of the research of adsorpt ion of fluoride on cerium oxide hydrate. Some experimental result s of adsorpt ion of fluoride on cerium ferrous adsorbent ( CFA) show that CFA has a fast adsorption rate and a large adsorpt ion capacity, adsorpt ion equilibrium follows Freundlich isotherm, and that the low pH v alue promotes f luoride removal. Some physical chemistry characterist ics of CFA w ere ex per-i mentally determined, f luoride removal mechanism w as explored, and the result show s that hydrox yl group plays an important role in the f luoride removal.


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