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Design of New Wire-driven Parallel Kinematic Manipulator for Wind Tunnels(PDF)


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Design of New Wire-driven Parallel Kinematic Manipulator for Wind Tunnels
LIU Shu-qing 1WU Hong-tao 2
1.Department of Computer Numerical Control Trainning,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 210013,China;2.College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
parallel kinematic manipulatorwire-driven architecture controllable workspace nullspace
This paper presents the characteristics and potential application fields of wire-driven manipulator, deals with the architecture design and kinematic analysis of a 6 DOF ( dimension of freedom) wire-driven parallel kinemat ic manipulator. This paper gives the procedure of architecture design using geometrical method , presents the inverse kinematic and static analysis with the kinemat ic model of this manipulator. Based on these, the second part gives the condition of whether a pose is in the contro-l lable workspace using nullspace method. Finally, this paper demonstrates the controllableworkspace of the manipulator using the condition under Mathematica environment. The simulated result is the numerical expression of the controllable workspace.


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