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Development of Performance Analysis Software for Ejection Seat System


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Development of Performance Analysis Software for Ejection Seat System
YU Li MING Xiao ZHANG Zhi-hua
College of Aerospace Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China
ejection seat performance analysis so ftw are design databases
E jection-seat system p lays a very importan t ro le in lifesav ing fo r a f ighter plane. So a good and re liable e ject ion seat techno logy should be w e ll developed. Based on the ex isting problems such as high cos,t t ime-consum ing in the research of e jection seat systems, a performance analysis system using sof-t w are Java 2 and V isual C+ + w as developed. It includes objec-t oriented interface design, database establishmen, t ejection performance ana lysis and the graph ic disp lay. In v irtue of th is so ftw are, the ca lculation speed and accuracy for e ject ion performance analysis is g reat ly increased. An ejection process o f HTY4 system using this so ftw are system w as simu lated. The calcu lation result fits the exper imenta l resu lts. This ach ievement is helpful to design and to manufacture the ejection seat system.


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