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Gridless Methods for Multi-element Airfoils and Its Technology of Distrubuting Points


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Gridless Methods for Multi-element Airfoils and Its Technology of Distrubuting Points
JIANG Xing-xian 12 CHEN Hong-quan2
1.Automotive Engineering Academy, Shanghai Automotive Industry Co, Shanghai 200437, China; 2.College of Aerospace Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China
grid less methods Eu ler equat ions clouds of po ints mu lt-i e lem ent airfo ils
The numerical simulations of the mu lt-i element airfo ils are realized by an exp lic it g rid less method. On ly clouds of points instead of gr ids are d istributed over the computational doma in and the spat ial derivatives o f the Euler equat ions are estimated using a leas-t square curve fit on loca l clouds o f po ints. The paper g ives d iscrete form fo r Euler equat ions on base of g rid less m ethod, and five steps o f Runge-Kutta are adopted fo r time-march ing . In add it ion, the paper describes a conven ient techn ique o f distribu ting po ints and selecting po ints to constitute clouds of po ints. The numerica l resu lts have been obtained for the flow s over complex mult-i element a irfoils using the method presented.


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