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Inland Approach of Applying Simulation Based Acquisition to Major Weapon Systems


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Inland Approach of Applying Simulation Based Acquisition to Major Weapon Systems
HAN Xiang-lan1 WU Hui-zhong1 ZHANG Jian-ming1 TANG Shu-chun2
1.Department of Computer Science and Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China; 2.Forth Institute of the Second Artillerist of PLA, Beijing 100085, China
w eapon systems mode ling simulation-based acquisit ion arch itecture
This paper builds a pro totype system o f simulation-based acqu isition ( SBA ) according to inland acqu isition situat ion tomajorweapon system s. By analyzing the SBA architecture proposed by the Jo intSBA Task Force and using it for reference, an architecture o f SBA system environment forma jorw eapon systems w hich can direct imp lementat ion is put forw ard, according to the technica l foundat ion of our study organizat ion. Described are the components and functions of the system wh ich include co llaborative p latform o f management and contro,l Ha ll forW orkshop o fMetasynthetic Eng ineering, co llabo rat ive simu lation pla-t form, co llaborativePDM, ERP, Computer-aided Logist ic Support and distributed resource database system. The key techno log ies piloting the imp lementat ion of the system such as interoperability ofM& S ( mode ling and simu lation) too ls andmode ls, ava ilab ility of data description, data security / sensibility, and d istributed data organization and integ rat ion are exp lored. The future research of our project is presented.


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