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Transient Behavioral SPICE Modeling of CMOS Output Buffer


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Transient Behavioral SPICE Modeling of CMOS Output Buffer
HUANG Chun-xing ZHU Xiao-hua
School of Electronic Engineering and Photoelectric Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
EDA IB IS model SPICE model output buffer transien t behav iora lmodel
A ccord ing to CMOS output buffer. s characteristics, th is paper presented a new approach for building a transient behav ioral SPICE mode l of output bufferis. Based on dividing the output buffer. s behavioral characteristics into intermed iate state and stable state, the transient behaviora lSPICE modelw as created by using IBISmode l data. The entire output model should include the models of TYP, MIN andMAX cases. A comparison of smi u lated results between SPICE and SigXp lore wasmade for verify ing the efficiency.


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