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Application of Transient Pulse Testing to Sensitivity Classification of Electro-explosive Devices


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Application of Transient Pulse Testing to Sensitivity Classification of Electro-explosive Devices
ZHOU Bin CHEN Xi-wu QIN Zhi-chun XU Zhen-xiang
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094,China
electro-explosive dev ices transient pu lse test electro-therma l response sensitiv ity
The transient pu lse testing is employed to eva luate the sensitiv ity performance o f e lectro-exp losive dev ices ( EEDs) . The temperature rises o f bridgew ire are calculated according to the therma l responce curve o f EEDs. The EEDs are c lassif ied into severa l groups accord ing to the temperature rise. The up and down method is used to estim ate the 50% f iring currents of the EEDs that are sampled from the groups hav ing different ranges o f temperature rise. The experimental result show s that the 50% firing current o f the group w ith higher temperature rises is low er, and t-ana lysis presents there is no tab le d ifference betw een 50% f iring currents of the tw o groups. The firing test also show s the f iring amount o fEEDs hav ing h igher temperature rises ismore than that hav ing low er temperature r isesw hen the current o f firing test is the same. The results show that the h igher the temperature rise is, themore sensit ive the EED is, and it is feasible to use transient pulse testing for sensitiv ity classificat ion of e lectro-explosive dev ices.


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