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Fluorescence Spectra of TR Molecule Induced by Lights with Different Wavelengths


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Fluorescence Spectra of TR Molecule Induced by Lights with Different Wavelengths
YANG Tao 12 LAN Xiu-feng1 LUO Xiao-sen1 NI Xiao-wu1 XU Lin2
1. Schoolof Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China; 2. Nanjing Military Medical College, Second Military Medical University, Nanjing.210099, China
th ioredox in reductase (TR ) fluorescence spectra induced waveleng th
Mult-i funct ion grat ing spectrograph was used to measure the fluorescence spectra o f the thioredox in reductase (TR) excited by ultrav io let (UV ) light of 253. 7 nm and v ioletLED ( LightEm itting D iode) light o f 407 nm. The expermi ental resu lts indicate that the TR so lution can em it strong fluorescence induced by those two k inds of ligh.t The characterist ics of fluorescence from the TR mo lecule induced by UV light and LED light are obtained by analyzing the spectra of the TR solution and its so lven.t The results can prov ide a foundation for better understanding of the TR structures by themethod of fluorescence spectroscopy.


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