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Preparation and Thermostability of Urea Peroxide


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Preparation and Thermostability of Urea Peroxide
YU Ma-hong1 CUI Xue-jun2 HUANG Lian-jun1
1.School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China; 2.Qingjiang Petrochemical Co LTD , Huaiyin 223002, China
urea perox ide preparat ion stab ilizers therma l stab ility
U rea perox ide (UP) is a h ighly effic ien,t mu lt ifunctiona,l and broad-spectrum so lid antiseptic disinfectan.t The proper conditions for its preparation w ere determ ined and the effect of ten stabilizers on its purity and thermostab ility w ere discussed. The stabilizers slightly increased the purity and the acidic stabilizers w ere superior to the basic ones. The stab ilizers have great effect on the h igh-temperature therma l stab ility o fUP. The resu lts under 50℃ w ith the storage time of 24 h show tha,t among a ll the single stabilizers, the thermostab ility coefficient o f theUP w ith d isodium EDTA stab ilizer is the largest and tha t of the tartaric acid is the smalles.t The thermostability coe ff icients w ith the comp lex stab ilizers are more than that o f each of the sing le stab ilizers. The sod ium g luconates have stab le effect on the UP under the low temperature and no stab le effect under the h igh temperature.


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