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Methods of Index Based on Fractal Address of the Grey Scale Image


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Methods of Index Based on Fractal Address of the Grey Scale Image
YU Wan-bo 1ab ZHAO Jing 1b WEI Xiao-peng2
1.a. University Key Laboratory of Information Science and Engineering, b. School of Information Engineering ,Dalian University ,Dalian 116622, China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China
H ilbert curves fractal index im age index im age coding
Some fracta l curves, such asH ilbert curves, Z curves and quad-tree, can fill in a rectang le in a plane. Th is property could be used in coding, compression and index ing of image. B ased on the fracta l tree, an index method ( image index based on fracta l address, IFA ) is analyzed. Themethods are sim ilar to binary tree in structure, w ith each node representing the sum of the g rey scale in every image section. It can fu lly present the g rey sca le o f every section in an image and help to image c lassif ication, index and recogn ition. W ith them ethods be ing improved, nXn nodes can ind icate n @n im ages layer by layer. A ccord ing ly, index and sto rage are integ rated through the index structure. The paper introduced one of the methods concern ing how to change 2 r to 2 r + 1 - 1 subsequence into r-H ilbert sequence, and thew ay o f ca-l culat ing the IFA sequence o f each point on an image w as also presen ted. A t las,t the application and fracta l index based on the content o f an image w ere d iscussed.


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