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Delay Performance of the Improved CFDAMA MAC Protocol via Satellite


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Delay Performance of the Improved CFDAMA MAC Protocol via Satellite
ZHOU Xi 1a JIA Shi-lou2 SHE Yang 1b
1.a.Network and Embedded System Laboratory, b. Educational Administration, Chongqing Communication Institute, Chongqing 400035, China; 2.Communication Research Center, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001,China
GEO satellite MAC pro tocol CFDAMA protoco l ON-OFF traffic
This paper exam ines the relat ive performances of the Combined Free /Demand AssignmentMu ltiple Access (CFDAMA) pro toco lw ith d ifferent term inal request strateg ies. A new sate llitemultiple access scheme employ ing combined Round Rob in /Piggybacking Request strategy ( CFDAMA-RPR ) is proposed, which is compared w ith CFDAMA-RR ( employ ing Round Robin request strategy) and CFDAMA-PB ( employ ing Piggy- Backing request strategy). The delay performances betw een CFDAMA-RPR, CFDAMA-RR and CFDAMA-PB scheme were compared by computer smi ulation. Smi ulations were carried out by Interrupted F luid Process ( IFP) traffic. The results demonstrate that compared w ith CFDAMA-PB and CFDAMA-RR protoco,l CFDAMA- RPR scheme can offer better delay / throughput performance of the satellite channel.


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