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GSM:A New Computing Paradigm Based on OGSA


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GSM:A New Computing Paradigm Based on OGSA
LU TunLI Zhi-shuWU Yun-bo
School of Computer,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610064,China
grid service mining f ramew ork for grid service mining open grid service architecture softw are reuse domain engineering
In order to sat isfy the needs of the grid user scaling and comput ing task, a new computing paradigm called Grid Service Mining ( GSM) w hich is based on the open grid service architecture ( OGSA) is proposed. A framework for GSM called FGSM is presented. The overall process of GSM and the implementation of key components in FGSM are described. The result shows that the usability, scalability and dependability are obtained in building the e-government system of the traffic office of Sichuan Province with FGSM.


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