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Velocity Directional Manipulability Measures of Dual Armed Robot


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Velocity Directional Manipulability Measures of Dual Armed Robot
CHEN An-jun 1 XU Pei-xia 1LI Guo-liang 2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Yangtze University,Wuxi 214122, China; 2. Network and Information Center , Xinyang Normal University,Xinyang 464000, China
dual armed robots manipulability ellipsoid directional manipulability measures opt imization methods
For the dual armed robot , the velocity t ransmission characteristics w ere discussed. On the basis of the manipulability ellipsoid and the direct ional manipulability measure of single armed mechanism velocity , the directional manipulability measures of linear velocity and rotat ion velocity of dual armed mechanism w ere defined and the velocity transmission characterist ics w ere measured in a special direction under a desig nated posture. T aking the manipulability measure of direct ion as the funct ion of target , the optimizat ion methods of opt imal direction of transmission velocity and opt imal manipulat ive conf ig urat ion w ere g iven. The result s show that the velocity t ransmission property of dual armed mechanism is w eak, but it is smoother than that of the single armed mechanism in different direct ions.


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