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Removing Phenol from Coal Gas Wastewater by Ozone-Immobilized Biological Activated Carbon


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Removing Phenol from Coal Gas Wastewater by Ozone-Immobilized Biological Activated Carbon
MA Fang 1YANG Hai-yan 1YANG Ji-xian 1 XI Xin-xin 1 GAO Jie 2 LI Huan 1
1 School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering; 2.Environmental Group, Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,China
ozone immobilized biological activated carbon biodegradat ion eng ineering bacteria
When engineering bacteria that can effectively degrade phenol are immobilized on activated carbon, immobilized biological activated carbon( IBAC) comes into being. A combinatorial process of ozone and IBAC is applied in treating coal gas wastewater. Under the condit ion that the ozone dose is 18 mg/ L and the ozone oxidation time is 20 min, the oxidation contributes litt le to the removal of total organic carbon ( TOC) , w hile it changes the characteristics and the structure of the organic substance in the wastewater. Making use of ozone- IBAC t reatment, w hen the inflow contains 500 mg/ L COD and 95 mg/ L phenol, their removal rates are higher than 80 % and 92 %. After 6 months of operat ion, the engineering bacteria density keeps above 6. 1 @ 103 cfu/ g carbon and in dominant status, moreover, the engineering bacteria distribute uniformly on the activated carbon. The longterm steady viability and high biodegradat ion efficiency of the engineering bacteria are discussed in terms of the theory of ecological place.


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