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Improvement Analysis of Thermal Characteristics for Composite Barrel with Resin Matrix


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Improvement Analysis of Thermal Characteristics for Composite Barrel with Resin Matrix
CHEN Long-miaoQIAN Lin-fangXU Ya-dong
School of Mechanical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094,China
composites barrels m icromechan ics therm al propert ies
Based on the m icromechan ica lmode l of a composite, the theoret ica l formulations of therma l conductiv ity and therm al expansion coeffic ients are deduced w hen the composite w ith resinmatrix is f illed w ith metal powder. The effects of the volume fract ion o fme tal pow der on the therm al characteristics o f the composite barrel are predicted by theoretical ana lysis. The calcu lation proves that the therma l conductiv-i ty o f the compositew ith resinmatrix after be ing f illed w ithmeta l pow der can be h igh ly improved, and the therma l conductiv ity in vert ica l fiber d irection o f composite w ith resin matrix increases about three times w hen the vo lume fraction of themeta lpowder reaches 10%. The temperature fie ld of the composite barre l can be refined. A ll these resu lts are o f reference to the applica tion of the composite barre ls


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