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Performance of Telescopic Penetrator


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Performance of Telescopic Penetrator
HAN Yong-yao 12 ZHAO Guo-zhi1 DU Zhong-hua1 FANG Qing1
1. School of Mechanical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China; 2. The 2nd Department,Artillery Academy of PLA, Hefei 230031, China
penetration te lescopic pene trator base line rod k inetic pro jectile
Experimental study o f the term ina lba llist ic performance of a telescop ic penetrator is performed by means ofDOP ( depth o f penetration) tests. The results show that it hasmuch better perfo rmance than that of the base line rod o f the samem ass, w hose diameter is equa l to that o f the tubu lar part of the te lescop ic penetrator. The ratio of inner to ou ter radio plays an important ro le in DOP of the telescop ic penetrator. The analyt ica l model of the te lescopic penetrator penetration into sem-i infinite target is established. The ana ly tica l results accord w ith the experim enta l ones. The advan tage of the te lescopic penetrato r vs ve loc ity is ga ined and the advan tage is themost obvious a t about 1. 7 km / s. The results a lso show that the DOP o f the telescop ic pene trator increasesw ith the increase of the rat io o f inner to ou ter radio a t some range.


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