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A Tracking Solution in Anti-helicopter Mine


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A Tracking Solution in Anti-helicopter Mine
WANG Yong WANG Xiao-ming LI Wen-bin
School of Mechanical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
bearing-on ly measurem ent passive track ing optima l locat ing
In the state of staticmeasuring, info rmation of targets can not be completely obta ined, and target track ing in the a ir can not be efficient ly realized by using the Bearing-Only track ing so lut ion. As for the mo tion character o f a cru ising helicopter, a tracking so lut ion in ant-i he licopterm ine (AHM) is presented. Based on the target ang le info rmation obta ined from the passive acoustic measuremen,t a m athematic mode l is deve loped. By using themode,l themot ion d irection target speed and the optima l locating ofAHM w ere computed. When the d istance betw een target and AHM is measured, the target speed can also be go tten. The simu lated resu lts demonstrate that the optima l locating and the target speed are close to the true value w hen the in it ia l value is exact and that the prob lem of the encounter between target and AHM can be so lved effective ly.


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