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Rotating Technique with Four-Point Supporting for Spacing Docking Test Table


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Rotating Technique with Four-Point Supporting for Spacing Docking Test Table
ZHANG Chong-junWANG Wu-yiZHANG Guang-yuZHAO Xue-zeng
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
space dock ing dynam ic experiment four-po int supporting friction to
A ccord ing to the technical dem and of the rotat ing equ ipment o f the space dock ing f ive-freedom dynam ic test tablew ith simp le structure, lightmass, and low fr ict ion torque, a rotat ing techn ique o f fourpo int supporting is stud ied. The structure o f four-po int supporting m ethod is analyzed and them ain beam is designed. The guaranteeingm easures are g iven about the rad ia l locat ion o f them ain beam and the long itudina l bearing structurew ith low friction torque. A simu lating experimental equipment for four-suppor-t ing pro ject about two-ton spacecraft test table is proposed. The experim enta l resu lt show s tha t themax ima l static frict ion is on ly 2. 1 N·m. The design is sat isfactory


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