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Guaranteed Cost Controller Design of Grinder Spindle Supported by Electromagnetic Bearings


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Guaranteed Cost Controller Design of Grinder Spindle Supported by Electromagnetic Bearings
XING Tao ZHANG Qing-chun XU Xiu-ling LIANG Ying-chun
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ,Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001,China
e lectromagnet ic bearings guaranteed cost control dig ita l variab le ga in robust stab ility robust performance
Th is paper uses a guaranteed cost contro lmethod to design a contro ller o f the grinder spindle system supported by e lectromagnet ic bearing s ( EMB s) . In view o f the system non linearity, a digita l var-i able ga in contro ller is designed to so lve the contrad iction betw een large globalmo tion and h igh st iffness. The results from the simulation and test show that the robust performance and the robust stab ility o fEMBs are guaranteed by the guaranteed cost contro lmethod, and the contradict ion betw een large g lobalmotion and h igh st iffness is solved effectively by the designed d ig ital variable gain contro ller。


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