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Boundary Layer of Flow Around Cylinder and Its Electromagnetic Control


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Boundary Layer of Flow Around Cylinder and Its Electromagnetic Control
DING Han-xin FAN Bao-chun ZHOU Ben-mou CHEN Zhi-hua
School of Power Engineeing, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
electrom agnetic hydrom echan ics flow control cy linderw ak
The e lectromagnet ic forces generated by the e lectromagnetic field and localized around the c ircular cy linder surface are used to mod ify the boundary layer of flow and to con tro l the flow field structure of the circu lar cylinder f low. The circular cy linder are covered w ith electromagne tic actuators and located in electro lyte so lut ion at low Renau lts (R e< 150) . Based on the vortic ity-stream funct ion formu la tion o f the Nav ier-Stokes equat ions, and by adopting the exponentia-l po lar coordinates, the numerica l investigat ions on thew ake of cy linder and the ve loc ity distribution o f the boundary are performed. TheA lternative- D irection Implicit algo rithm for the vo rt ic ity transpo rt equation, and the Fast Fourier Transfo rm algo rithm for the stream function equation are used w ith the accuracy of second order in space and first order in t ime. The correspond ing exper iments are carried out and the ir resu lts are ana lyzed.


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