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Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation of Interaction Between Shock Wave and Flame


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Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation of Interaction Between Shock Wave and Flame
GANG Qiang YE Jing-fang FAN Bao-chun DONG Gang JIANG Xiao-hai
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
shock w ave flame stab ilit
U sing a horizontal shock tube o f 4. 8m length and 60mm ×60mm section area, experimen ts on the interaction of shockw ave and flam ew ere perform ed and some shadowg raphsw ere successfu lly acqu ired by aYA-16 high-speed camera. The shadowg raphs show ed the instab ility, d istortion and breakup of the flam e. Based on the Navier-S tokes equations coupled w ith the chem ical reaction term s, some relevan t thermodynam ic and k ine tic da ta and modif ied Van Leer sp litting schem e, the interaction process o f the shock w ave and the flame w as simu lated. From the resu lts, the flame stability and themechanism o f vortex formation w ere discussed. The experimental results w ere in good agreement w ith the calcu la ted resu lts.


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