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XPS of Modified Nano-SiO2 by Surface Grafting


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XPS of Modified Nano-SiO2 by Surface Grafting
CHE Jian-fei XIE Yi-zhe YANG Xu-jie LU Lu-de WANG Xin
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
nano-particles S iO2 surfacemodificat ion X-ray photoe lectron spectroscopy
A steric h indrance layerw as established w hen the surfaces of nano-S iO2 w ere g rafted w ith po lyaceta ls. The steric hindrance layer increased the d ispersibility of the nano-part icles asw e ll as the compa-t ib ility betw een the part icles and the resin matrix. Exam inat ion of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy ( XPS) demonstrated that the peak of S i2p on po lyacetal grafted SiO2 surfaces decreased and the binding energy decreased by 0. 7eV. Resu lts of the f ine scann ing and deconvo lution into multip le sub-peaks o f C1s indicated that 66. 34% o f the carbon on the surfaces o f nano-S iO2 w as attribu ted to the grafting po lyaceta. l Th is show s that an effectivemodification layerw as formed on SiO2 surfaces. The graft ing po lyaceta ls w ere chem ica lly bound w ith nano-SiO2. Based on XPS and thermograv imetry ( TG ) analysis, it is conjectured that the gra ft ing polyaceta l isma in ly distributed the on nano-S iO2 surfaces.


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