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Fluctuation of Plasma Generator’s Cathode Potential and Its Effects


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Fluctuation of Plasma Generator’s Cathode Potential and Its Effects
YUAN Wei-qun WANG Zheng-lun LI Bao-ming
National Key Laboratory on Transient Physics, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
p lasma generator g rounding ground potential optical fiber transm ission measurement system
Factors causing the fluctuation of cathode electrical po tentia l of p lasm a generator are investigated. Op tica l fiber transm ission modu les are utilized to measure the d ischarge vo ltage. When the grea t pulsed d ischarge curren t flew through p lasm a genera tor, the variat ion o f cathode po tent ia l rose up to abou t 800 V. Thema in part of the ca thode potent ial is induced from the equ ivalen t serial inductor o f the cables connected w ith the cathode. The ground po tentia l d ifference betw een p lasma generato r vo ltage measurement channel and other vo ltagem easurement channels introduces h igh voltage into the measuremen t system w ithout any pro tection. An opt ical fiber transm issionmodule is ut ilized to separate the p lasm a generato r. s cathode potential fluctuation from themeasurem ent system and them easurement system wo rks w e ll.


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