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Method of Tracing Attacks Based on Controllable Network


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Method of Tracing Attacks Based on Controllable Network
DAI Jiang-shan XIAO Jun-mo
Institute of Communications Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210007, China
netw ork security netw ork forensics tracing a ttacks
A model o f the contro llab le netw ork w as formalized, and the characteristics of the hidden ne-t w ork attacks were analyzed. An a lgorithm based on a con tro llable netw ork w as presented to detect and trace the hidden netw ork attack. In the contro llable netw ork, mon itors w ere d istributed and cou ld transfer messages to each other through amon itor center. W ith the h idden netw ork attack detect ion ru les based on the characteristics and themessages from othermonitors, amonitor captured netw ork packets and applied the a lgorithm to analyze them. A s a resu l,t the h idden netwo rk attack from the con tro llable netw ork can be detected and traced to its real orig in. An example is used to illustrate its pract icab ility and effectiveness of the method.


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