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Nonlinear Input-occupancy-output Model on Important Coefficients


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Nonlinear Input-occupancy-output Model on Important Coefficients
LIU Xiu-li1 CHEN Xi-kang2
1. Siemens Communication Network Ltd, Beijing Central Service Support Department, Beijing 100016, China; 2. Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100080, China
non linearity inpu-t occupancy-outputmodel important coeffic ients
To solve the problem that the present non-linear inpu-t output models are un fit for calculation and application, based on the year-o-f 1973-1999 Chinese inpu-t occupancy-output tab les at constan t price, this paper chooses 47 important coe ff icients w ith an influence me thod. The nonlinear function forms of important coefficients are obta ined w ith nonlinear regression ana lysis and the nonlinear importan t coeffic ients inpu-t occupancy-output model is se.t The numeric experiment verifies the forecast ing prec-i sion of the model is be tter than RAS( residual allocation system ) method. The data that the model needs is easy to ge.t The calcu la ting m ethod o f themode l is simp le.


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