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Technical Analysis of Relativity of Shooting Criterions and Firearms Lifetime


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Technical Analysis of Relativity of Shooting Criterions and Firearms Lifetime
SHAN Yong-hai~12 ZHUO Sui-ru~3SUN Guo-ji~1
1. Systems Engineering Institute,Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an 710049,China;2. Unit 63856, Baicheng 137001,China;3.Small Arms Institute, Beijing 102202,China
machine-guns shooting criterions lifetime tests
To insure the technical feasibility of the active shooting criterions in approval tests on firearms, the reason of the chrome layer of barrels being ruptured and the relat ivity of the hot action and the chrome layer fission are analyzed starting with analyzing lifet ime-ended mechanism of machine-guns. barrel. The relativity of the shooting criterions and barrel temperature is obtained by a lot of tests.The reasonable occasion of barrels being put into water, namely, the upper limit values of temperature in barrels. inner-chamber are ascertained by analyzing the hot impact and breakage action of cooling mediums to the chrome layer of barrels as well as by simulation tests. The lower limit values of air-cooling time from after-firing to before-water-cooling about different machine- guns are given. The results provide theoretical gists for establishing reasonable shooting criterions in approval tests on firearms.


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