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SHPB Experiment and Dynamic Properties of Concrete


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SHPB Experiment and Dynamic Properties of Concrete
HU Gong-liLIU Rong-zhongQI Ai-dongLI Zan-cheng
School of Mechanical Engneering, NUST, Nanjing 210094, China
concrete rate of strain aggregates strain hardening strain softening
By means of SHPB experiment the dynamic properties of concrete are researched. With such disadvantage as the ununiformity of stress or strain and the dispersion in wave propagat ion, the 37 mm-diameter SHPB is chosen to study the dynamic response of concrete at the medium strain rate. Based on the experimental data, the strain-rate effect, the influence of aggregate on dynamic response of concrete and the phenomena of strain hardening and strain softening are analyzed respectively.The results show that, with the increase of rate of strain, the ratio of dynamic- static compressive strength of the concrete increases in the logrithmic curve within certain rate of strain range, and the dynamic response of concrete transforms from hardening to softening.The derepression of aggregates is the key factor that the concrete has the elastoplastic behavior, and also the main reason that the dynamic response curves vibrate during the SHPB experiment .


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