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Heterogeneous Application Domains Model Driven Resource Integration


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Heterogeneous Application Domains Model Driven Resource Integration
QIAN Peng-feiZHANG Shen-sheng
Department of Computer Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200030,China
model drive resource model model transformation interoperation
A kind of technology research is introduced, which adopts model driven method to realize heterogeneous information resource integration. Combined with the model driven architecture(MDA) , the model driven method is adopted to implement the separation of storing and representat ion of the data resource, the definitions and the modeling methods of the related resource models like SSRM, SIRM, SIURM are discussed: SSRM is the description of concrete data source storage and access format ; SIRM is the local unif ied resource description of the concrete domain, mainly solving the heterogeneous problem of mult-i data-source; and SIUMR is the unif ied resource description among different applicat ion domains, mainly solving the distributed problem of mult-i data-source. Simultaneously, Txt , Excel, RDB, XML are used as examples to interpret the unified model transformat ion process(SSRM→SIRM →SIURM) , all of which lay the ground of interoperability among the different application domains.


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