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Semi-active Vibration Control Strategy Based on Acceleration and Velocity Feedback


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Semi-active Vibration Control Strategy Based on Acceleration and Velocity Feedback
SHI Xiu-dong~
1,2),QIAN Lin-fang~1,CHEN Long-miao~1
vibrat ion isolating system sem-i act ive control acceleration feedback velocity feedback optimal control
The substance of the Skyhook control is discussed and a new sem-i act ive vibrat ion control strategy based on acceleration feedback and velocity feedback is established. The proposed control strategy can make mechanical system close to optimal control under the proposed cost function. The results indicate: compared with the Skyhook control system, the proposed control strategy is more effective in the performance of vibration isolation and reduces the mean absolution values of the time response of the mass displacement , velocity, acceleration and acceleration change rate by 38 % , 70 %, 86 % and 86 % . The control strategy improves the amplitudes of the mass in the high frequency range and yields the same performance as the Skyhook control in the low frequency range.


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