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Combustion Behavior of Metal Particles Suspended in Air


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Combustion Behavior of Metal Particles Suspended in Air
SUN Jin-huaLU PingLIU Yi
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230026,China
combustion metal particles suspending scanning electron microscope
In order to understand the combustion behavior of metal particles suspended in air, two burning ratios ( Rmp and Rbp ) were defined to judge the combust ion phase of a metal, and the combustion phases of several metals were analyzed based on the values of Rmp and Rbp . On the other hand, the combust ion behaviors of the metal particles suspended in air are studied experimentally. Two kinds of metal part icles ( iron and aluminum particles) of different properties of melt ing point, boiling point and reactivity were used. The structure and diameter distribution of metal particles were analyzed by using a scanning electronmicroscope. The combustion zones propagating through the metal particle clouds in an open field are recorded by a high-speed video camerawith a microscopic optical system. The results show that the combustion behaviors between the metal particles are distinct ly different depending on the melt ing point and boiling point of the individual metal, and the experimental results agree well with that of the analysis on the combust ion phase of a metal.


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