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Experimental Study on Interaction of Water Mist with Wood Crib Fire


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Experimental Study on Interaction of Water Mist with Wood Crib Fire
YU Yong-gangFENG Jin-liLU Chun-yiZHOU Yan-huang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
water mist wood crib fire smal-l scale experiment fire suppression
The interaction of water mist with wood crib flame is studied by smal-l scale experiments. Thermocouples and digital video are used to measure the characteristic parameters of the burning area. The results show that the water mist can effectively restrain the surface fire from the wood crib fire, but not as effective for the dark burn and that the suppression process are influenced by the gas pressure of inject ion, precombustion time and the shape of the crib. Within the certain bounds, the gas pressures of injection depend inversely as the time of fire suppression, the precombust ion time depends directly as the time of fire suppression.


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