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MAC Protocol for Satellite ATM Networks


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MAC Protocol for Satellite ATM Networks
HE Jia-wu1 2 Q IU Jun3 L IU X iao-feng1 JIA Sh-i lou1
1. Schoo l o f E lectron ics and In format ion T echnology, Harbin Institute o fTechno logy, Harbin 150001, China; 2. Ch inaMob ile Commun icat ion Un iversity, B eijing 102211, China; 3. B eijing P&T Consu lting& D esign Institute Co Ltd, Be ijing 100035, China
satellite ATM media access con trol MF-TDMA priority access strategy qua lity of serv ice
TN 927. 2
Th is paper presents a nove lmed ia access contro l (MAC ) pro toco l designed for, but no t lim ited to , use in geostationary ( GEO ) broadband commun icat ion satellites using ATM technology w ith composite traffic load. Besides using variab le-ra te DAMA for rt /nr-tVBR traffic, a strategy o f random transm ittingw ith piggybacking reserva tion request forUBR traffic is used. OPNETTM M odeler simulation show s that the considerab le improvements in delay and throughpu t performance are ach ieved if the nex-t generation satellite techno logy ( OBP) and the adaptiveMAC are emp loyed.


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