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Fuzzy Decision Model for Virtual Prototyping Based on ANP


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Fuzzy Decision Model for Virtual Prototyping Based on ANP
ZHANG W ei1 2 LU Bao-chun1 WU Hu-i zhong2
1. School ofMechanicalEng ineering; 2. School of Computer Science and Techno logy, NUST, Nan jing 210094, China
v irtual pro totypes ana ly tic netw ork process fuzzy decisionmode l
TP 278
By ana lyzing the networked h ierarch ica lmapping structure o f v irtual prototyping ( VP), th is paper proposes that bo th interior-dependences and interactions among the concurrent componen t designs are not on ly ignored but a lso inex tricable in currentVP decision approaches, such asANDOR m ethod, ana lytic hierarch ica l process (AHP) and so on. A fuzzy dec ision mathem aticmode l is proposed, w hich is no t on ly based on the ana ly tic netw ork process (ANP) but also on the fuzzy of eva luations. The implementation approach is g iven so that the integrated product teams make comprehensive eva luations and comparisons among many candidates in variety gra in iness simu lation leve ls. F inally, the requ irement formak ing dec isionsw ith VP fo r product design creation constra ined by d i-f ferent investment size is satisf ied.


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