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SAR Raw Data Compression Using Vector Quantization Techniques


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SAR Raw Data Compression Using Vector Quantization Techniques
GUAN Zhen-hongZHU Zhao-daZHU Dai-yin
College of Information Science and Technology,University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
synthetic aperture radar vector quant izat ion tree-structured VQ sphericalVQ
TN 957. 52
Th is paper dea ls w ith the compression a lgorithms of synthetic aperture radar ( SAR ) raw data based on the vector quantization ( VQ ) techniques. The b lock adapt ive tree-structured vector quant iza tion ( BATSVQ ) algo rithm and the b lock adapt ive spherical vecto r quan tization ( BASVQ ) algorithm are presented. Compared w ith the b lock adaptive vector quant izat ion ( BAVQ ) algorithm, both of the proposedmethods using constrained vector quantizer take the full advan tage o f SAR raw data properties of a G aussian stationary process after a b lockw ise normalization. L ive SAR data imp lementat ions and quantitative analysis of resultant images show that a be tter trade-off betw een perfo rmance and comp lex ity is ach ieved by using the BATSVQ and BASVQ algorithms.


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