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Infinite Reflection Algorithm for Surface Quality Analysis


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Infinite Reflection Algorithm for Surface Quality Analysis
JI Xiao-gangGONG Guang-rong
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
surface quality analysis reflect ion line algor ithm h ighlight line algorithm infinite ref lection algo rithm computer graph ics
TP 391141
Integrating the respective virtues o f reflection line a lgorithm and high light line algorithm, a simplified and improved infinite re flect ion algorithm for surface qua lity analysis is presen ted. In th is method, the v iewpo int and the ligh t source aremapped to infinity, and then expressed by unit vector v and a un iquely. The effect on the generation of reflection lines ow ing to the selection o f v iew po int and light sources is e lim inated. A t the same tim e, the effic iency o f high light line algo rithm is inherited and the a lternate operation is fulfilled w ith the current hardw are. The inf in ite reflection lines are determ ined by coplanar para llel linear light sources and infinite re flect ion circ les are determ ined by coplanar concentric circles sources. Several examp les based on the infinite reflect ion algorithm are prov ided and the infinite reflect ion a lgorithm is proved to be an ideal algorithm for surface qua lity ana lysis.


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