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Numerical Simulation of Liner Forming Multi-fragments Due to Explosive Loading


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Numerical Simulation of Liner Forming Multi-fragments Due to Explosive Loading
LI Jin-feng
School of Mechatronic Engineering,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China
explosivem echan ics num erical simulation liners fragments
T J 410. 3+ 33
A new grooved liner configuration for form ing mult-i fragments under exp losion load ing is presented. The FEM mode l of a new configuration is established, and the numerica l simulat ion o f the process o f the g rooved liner form ingmult-i fragmentsw ith the non- linear softw areAnsys/Lsdyna is carried ou.t Based on the design mode,l the test dev ice and the validation experiment are accomp lished. The results of the validated experiment and the numerical simulation are in good ag reemen.t The fragment distribution show s a focused form. The grooved liner can ach ieve an ant icipative purpose and form a definite quantity, m ass and focused fragment cluster.


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