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Rigid Body Model of the Finless Aerial Bomb Motion


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Rigid Body Model of the Finless Aerial Bomb Motion
SONG Wei-dongZHANG Jin-zhongSONG Pi-ji
Department of Gun Engineering,The Ordnance Engineering College,Shijiazhuang 050003,China
aer ia l bomb f in stab le dev ice tra jectory mo tionmode l
T J 014
The diagonal coordinates system and the oscillat ing ax is coordinates system are introduced, and the concepts o f the elevating ang le, the azimuth ang le of the oscillating angular veloc ity vector and the diagona l attitude ang le o f the aeria l bomb are defined based on the theory o f rig id body dynam ics. The relat ionsh ip betw een the attitude ang le and the diagona l att itude ang le is presented, and a rig id body motion model is builtw hich can reflect the f ly ing characteristics o f the fin less aeria lbomb in the air. The simu lation result show s that the unbounded prob lem that occurs in the calcu lation w ith the convent ional aeria l bomb mode l can be overcome by using the new mode.l It can calcu late the trajectory of themass center of the fin less aeria l bomb accurate ly and describe the change of the osc illat ing angu lar velocity vector prec ise ly. Thisw ork prov ides a base for the research on the ba llist ic characteristics of the fin less aerial bomb.


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