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Microwave-assisted and Airtight Solvent Extraction of Harpagoside from Radix Scrophulariae


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Microwave-assisted and Airtight Solvent Extraction of Harpagoside from Radix Scrophulariae
CHENG Cun-gu i1 L IU X ing-hai2 ZHU Pe-i x i1
1.College of Chemistry and Life Science,Zhejiang Normal University,Jinhua 321004,China;2.The State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry,Nankai University,Tianjin 300071,China
harpagoside rad ix scrophu lariae m icrow ave-assisted and airtight so lvent extract ion
R 284. 3
The harpagoside from the rad ix scrophulariaew ere ex tracted by means ofm icrow ave-assisted and airtight so lvent ex traction. The influence of some operat ion cond itions, such as so lven,t samp le particle size, m icrow ave irradiat ion tim e, the ratio of samp le w eight to so lvent vo lume and t imes of ex tract ion, on the extraction y ield of harpagoside is studied. The experimental resu lts show that the h ighest ex traction y ield is obta ined when the extraction solvent is 70% ethano,l the sample particle size is 180 mesh, the m icrow ave irrad iation tim e is 10m in , the ratio o f samp le w eight to solvent vo lum e is 1B20 and the times o f the extraction is 2. Compared w ith the m icrow ave-assisted ex traction in norma l pressure, the ultrason ic extract ion and the soxh le t ex traction, them icrow ave-assisted extraction in c losed conta iner is fas,t effic ient and green.


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