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Computation of Hypersonic Flowfields for Elliptic-cone-derived Waveriders


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Computation of Hypersonic Flowfields for Elliptic-cone-derived Waveriders
LE Gu-i gao1 MA Da-we i1 LI Z-i yong2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering;2.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
w averiders hyperson ic flow fin ite differencem ethod
V 211. 4
In this paper, hypersonic flow s of e lliptic-cone-derived w averiders are simu lated numerica-l ly through the so lut ion of compressible, Reyno lds-averaged Nav ier-Stokes equations using mod if ied MUSCL type TVD scheme. In the computation of the turbulence viscous effects, one-equat ion of Spa-l ar-tA llmaras turbulence mode l is employed. The free flow condit ions forM ach number o f 4 and sideslip ang les from 0 to 10 degrees at zero ang le of attack are considered. The computed pressure coeff-i cients on the waverider surface agree w ith the test data. Numerica l results show that there is a local h igh pressure zone near the waverider base for free flow at a sideslip ang le under the o f-f design cond-i t ion. The computationa lmethod provides reference in aerodynam ic design for such w averider configurations.


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