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EHD Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer in-tube Using Cylindrical-rod and Flat Bar Electrodes


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EHD Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer in-tube Using Cylindrical-rod and Flat Bar Electrodes
L IU Yong-qi1 L I Ru-i yang2 YU Hong-ling2 WANG Fa-gang3 WANG Yan-x ia1
1.College of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering,Shandong University of Technology,Zibo 255049,China;2.College of Power Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China;3.Office of Science and Technology,Shandong University of Technology,Zibo 255049,China
electrohydrodynam ics hea t transfer enhancement boiling heat transfer electric fie ld electrode con figuration
TK 124
Basic experiments are performed to investigate EHD ( E lectrohydrodynam ics) enhancement o f bo iling heat transfer forR- 123 in a vert ica l tube using the cylindrica-l rod and flat bar electrodes. The test rig consists of a vertica lmounted tube-in-tube heat exchangerw ith hotw ater f low ing in the outer tube and the test refrigerant flow ing in the inner one in wh ich two e lectrodes aremounted respective ly. E lectric f ie ld streng th ranges from 0 to 2. 133MV /m, and heat flux ranges from 115 to 10 kW /m2. Uncerta inty of the heat transfer coeffic ients is ? 917% , and that o f the enhancemen t facto rs is ? 1212% . It is demonstrated tha t the max imum enhancemen t factors o f two electrodes are about the same, but the average electric field strength and the energy consumption atw hich themaximum enhancem ent factors occurr for the flat bar e lectrode are low er than those of the cy lindrica-l rod electrode. The experimental phenomena are ana lyzed and d iscussed in v iew of the effect of electric field on grow th rate, departure and movement behav iors o f bubbles.


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