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Mechanical Properties of Non-regular Holey Laminated Materials


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Mechanical Properties of Non-regular Holey Laminated Materials
ZHU Hua-i liang1 2 L IANG S-i hu i1 2 YU Lei1 2
1. Department ofMechanics, Shangha iU niversity, Shangha i 200444, Ch ina; 2. Shangha i Institute o fApp liedMathem atics andM echanics, Shangha i 200072, Ch ina
ho ley materials equ iva lent e last icmodulus nom inal stress anisotropy
O 39; TS 764
The equ iva lent elasticmodulus and the nom ina l ax ia l stress of non-regular holey lam ina-t ed plates are assumed. A plane stress mode l is presented in this paper based on the streng th theory of anisotropicmateria ls. Equ iva lent e lasticmodu lus and shear e last icmodulus and Po isson. s ra tio o f materia ls are obta ined through the experimen,t and themechan ica l properties and the fa ilure patterns are discussed for the corrugated paperboards and the po lycarbonate ho ley plates under the state o f plane stress. It is found tha t the stiffness rec iproca l re lationsh ip isw e ll satisf ied for each type o fm ateria ls. The experimental resu lts show that the mean tension strength of corrugated paper lam inated plates designed in 0 b- 90 b cross pattern is be tter than that designed in un iform ax ia l holes.


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