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Energetic Mini Corner Reflector


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Energetic Mini Corner Reflector
HAN Chao1 2 ZHAO Guo-zhi1
1. Schoo l ofMechanical Eng ineering, NUST, Nan jing 210094, Ch ina; 2. NortheastResearch Institute of E lectronic Techno logy, Jinzhou 121000, Ch ina
m issile penetration m illimeter-w ave radars radar decoy corner reflecto rs passive countermeasure
TN 972+ . 42
Fo r securing the reentry ba llisticm issile penetration, th is paper puts forw ard an energetic m ini co rner reflecto rw ith ligh tw e ight and heavy decoy characterist ics. This reflector is used in reentry ballistic m issile penetration m illim eter-w ave interceptor. The reflector. s dynam ics equations and counterm easure d iscrim inan t are presented. The effect of the ang le dev iation and sk in depth on the corner reflector. s scattering streng th is analyzed. The ballistic coe ff icient formu la of the energetic m ini corner reflector is derived. The radar scattering characteristics are tested in some azimuths for the energeticm in i corner reflecto r sample in a m icrow ave room. The passive countermeasure proposed here can rep lace the heavy decoyw ith the energeticm ini corner reflector and w iden the option for reentry ballist icm issile passive countermeasure penetration.


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