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Research and Realization of Multi-radar Netting Simulation


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Research and Realization of Multi-radar Netting Simulation
WANG Zhong-xu~1LI Yin-ya~1ZHANG Xue-biao~2
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.State-run Factory No.785,Taiyuan 030024,China
radar netting system simu lation inform ation fusion data fusion mult-i sensor system
TN 957
A im ing at the practical cases of radar netting in eng ineering, the simu lation and realizat ion problem o f radar netting techn ique is considered. The radars are deployed and netted based on the distributed netting frame. The approach comb in ing static simu lation and dynam ic simu lation is used. The system integrates the simulation radar detecting simu la tion w ith the d ig ital geographical in fo rmation system and incorporates the radar perform ance simu lation, the env ironm ental simu lation, the e lectron ic countermeasure simu lation and the targets simu la tion into aw ho le organ ic radar-detect ing system. A mult-i factor index assessment system and a correspond ing assessmentm ethod are established in the pro jects. The simulat ion results show that the radar simu lation system has a fine simu lation fight perform ance.


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