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Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Based on Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithm


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Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Based on Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithm
WEI ZhongXU Xiao-feiDENG Sheng-chun
School of Computer Science and Technology,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
hybrid flow shop schedu ling mult-i ob jective opt im ization evo lut ionary comput ing f i-t ness assignmen t
TP 393. 07
A new evo lu tionary algorithm for so lv ing mu lt-i ob jective hybrid flow shop scheduling problem (HFSP) w hich is an important top ic in supp ly cha in netw ork opt im ization is presented. The genera lmodel for theHFSP is proposed, and am atrix gene encodingmethod and a sort of fitness assignm ent strategy w hich can approach the optimum so lutions w ith dynam ic w eight ing are d iscussed. The a lgorithm process is presented by using e litist strategy. The convergent performance of the algorithm is analyzed by comput ing the prog ress measuremen.t The performance analysis and the exper-i mental resu lts show that the a lgorithm is effect ive for h igh-dimensionalmult-i ob jective prob lem s and can converge to satisfactory so lutions at a h igh speed.


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